09287 - Pelham Town Hall Expansion

Pelham Town Hall Expansion

Project Summary

The original scope of work for this project was an office addition over the existing building. In the pre-design tasks of this 1960’s building, structural verification was included to determine the loading of an additional floor on the south one-storey section for snow loads and the building as a whole. A diligence review of the existing structure by our Structural Engineer resulted in the re-evaluation of the proposed office addition. A number of issues were brought to light which, in the end, led to a value management decision to build a new council chamber and to renovate the existing council chambers to accommodate new offices.

The design process information regarding the existing watermain located under the proposed addition led our Civil Engineering Department to survey and document required modifications to the watermain in the existing parking lot. Solutions to existing and potential problems such as the above came at a faster pace due to the interaction of the multi-discipline, in-house team provided by Quartek Group Inc. Quartek provided a support role in the tendering process including negotiation to award a contract for construction.  The Quartek team maintained excellent communications with the Town at all times throughout the project and, thus, decisions were made in a timely manner based on all pertinent considerations and in the best interests of the Town of Pelham, bringing the project to completion on time and within budget.

Quartek provided Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents and services during construction for the above mentioned architectural and engineering disciplines.