Brock University Taro Hall

Brock University – Taro Hall Renovations

Project Summary

Taro Hall renovations were part of an on-going contract that Quartek Group Inc. has with Brock University’s Facilities Management to perform Architectural and Engineering services for its St. Catharines’ campus.

The design work entailed upgrading surface finishes to provide Brock’s School of Business with a sophistricated, contemporary and lively image through its public corridors.

The scope of work included installing decorative drywall bulk-heads and millwork and displaying cabinetry, as well as repainting all existing surfaces. Patterns to VCT floor tile and supplying and installing decorative curved ceiling panels were also included in the work. This required reconfiguring of the sprinkler system and relocation of power and data to allow for future LED monitors.

The team at Quartek provided conceptual and detailed architectural design, electrical and mechanical engineering, including all working drawings and contract documents for this project