Carbon Neutral In 9 Minutes Or Less May 23, 2012

Q: What steps are you taking to ensure the future of our planet?

A: Encourage alternative, convenient options to travel to and from work.

Based on a study by Environment Canada, transportation contributes to 27% of Canada’s overall greenhouse gas emissions. By relocating offices, Quartek Group is quadrupling the number of people in walking distance to the new location and increasing the options for alternative modes of transportation. [Read More]

Aiding and Abating: Dealing With Asbestos May 10, 2012

The acoustic texture finish in the ground floor of our future office ceiling space has been identified as containing asbestos. Asbestos abatement process has started with the installation of wall and floor covering (orange polyethylene sheeting) as appropriate to catch debris. [Read More]

From Kool-Aid To Kiddo: What Architects Do? May 7, 2012

Our Robert MacKenzie will be featured in the next installment of Kiddo Magazine. Kiddo is a children’s magazine written in English and Spanish, recently featured in a St. Catharines Standard article spotlighting it’s creator, Zulima Wesso. Zulima is a former Quartek Group employee before deciding to devote more time to Kiddo. [Read More]

Walking “The Walk”: Quartek’s Carbon Footprint May 2, 2012

In 2011, Quartek joined the Niagara Sustainabilty Initiative (NSI) as a Monitoring Partner to help us practice what we preach and start walking “the walk”. We started with the following modest projects:

Implementation of a plastics, metal, glass and paper recycling program in all staff offices to increase Quartek’s diversion rate (amount of waste going to landfill).
Installation of programmable thermostats in our offices. [Read More]

Remove Barriers April 27, 2012

Quartek Group will occupy the first and second floor of the old Royal Bank Building; combining various offices currently scattered throughout the Niagara Region into one. [Read More]

Quartek Group Inc. Announces Move April 2, 2012

In the interest of consolidating services and environmental stewardship, Quartek Group has announced a move to Downtown St. Catharines.

We will be moving to 89 St. Paul St., at the corner of Queen St. in the heart of the Downtown core. [Read More]