Holy Cross High School

Holy Cross High School Addition & Alterations

Project Summary

The existing Grantham High School was turned over to the Niagara District Catholic School Board to become the new Holy Cross High School. The new school had to be designed to accommodate a student enrolment increase from 1100 to 1400 students.

The project, therefore, entailed renovations to the existing school and the addition of 11 classrooms and three shops and expansion of the Cafeteria. Difficult funding arrangements, that is the requirements of the increase in student population relative to available funding, required careful planning and design. The project requirements were met successfully within the funding available.

The design of areas in the additions, and renovations in the existing building, have opened the school up for communication between floors and for communal areas for students. Renovations were made to the exterior to present a new community image.

The design of this project was carried out by Ian Elmes of Baker and Elmes Architects. Ian Elmes and Richard Baker joined the Quartek team in 2006. Ian is now Senior Associate Architects and Richard is a Senior Advisory Consultant at Quartek Group Inc.