11862 - Dr Hynscht Clinic

Medical Clinic Space Planning

Medical Clinic & Doctor Office Space Planning

We offer specialized medical clinic and medical office planning services, combining when needed with architectural and engineering expertise, contributed to your project by our experienced people, some with over 25 years of practical work with doctors and other medical staff.  Quartek Group Inc. brings to your project specialized knowledge of medical clinic management principles and space requirements, which when incorporated into your project can achieve the desired functionality for your medical facility.  Quartek services include:

Medical & Healthcare Design, Medical Space Program Analysis, Medical Practice Management Analysis,  Medical Clinic Space Planning, Medical Office Space Planning, Conceptual 3-D modelling including animated tours.

Furniture and construction contract coordination and all related procurement services including all tendering documentation preparation, specification and moving schedules for seamless execution of the project.

Design Collaborative

Quartek’s resources and staff experience in hospital design, urban planning, municipal and structural engineering represent over fifty years of history through the contributing people and records of antecedent firms.   Of great importance in our growth strategy has been the strength of our people resources.  I am referring to individuals and team members who can contribute to, and often lead, projects with their unique and dynamic talents