Niagara College – Student Centre

Student Centre
Welland, Ontario

Client: Niagara College of Applied Arts &
Program: Architecture, Structural, Electrical and Site Civil Engineering Design
Budget: $ 950,000.00
Area: 8400 sq. ft. (781 sq. metres)
Date: June 1991

This 8400 sq. ft. facility contains a fully licensed pub for 240 students with state of the art sound system, outdoor patio, and food

preparation facilities. A separtate lounge for relaxation is also provided. The student government offices and business management are also housed within the facility.

The centre was designed to be a focal point for student life on the campus with the octagonal entry acting like a beacon at the
junction of the College’s two main pedestrian routes. The architecture represents a successful attempt to reinterpret the College’s present architectural language in a new and appealing manner.

Design commenced April, 1989, and construction was competed June, 1991. Project budget was $950,000.00 and construction cost was $925,000.00.

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