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Planning Tools – GIS

GIS (Graphical Information Systems) continues to grow in various industries.  Most municipalities now have a GIS system in use and those who don’t are working on one.  GIS is a way for information to be stored graphically and analyzed through visual representation.  It is mostly used in map format such as Zoning and Offical Plan schedules or mapping.  Some municipalities have used it keep track of their services such as water, stormwater and sanitary services, recreational equipment and facilities, identify gaps in services, develop replacement programs for services and analyze trends in growth and development.

At Quartek, we use ArcGIS software by ESRI.  This software is the most compatible with what the municipalities use.  We have a data license agreement with the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).  We have done a wide range of GIS projects including density heat mapping, site selection and proximity, editing and mapping population statistics, Zoning Schedules, Official Plan Schedules, route maps, and company operations mapping.