The First Nations Peace Monument in DeCew House Heritage Park

The First Nations Peace Monument in DeCew House Heritage Park, Thorold, Ontario, is a memorial designed by world-renowned architect and human rights activist Douglas Cardinal. Located near the site where Laura Secord encountered First Nations warriors who assisted her in conveying a warning to the colonial British forces of an impending American invasion, the monument is intended to generate a deeper understanding of the heritage and ongoing history of First Nations peoples, and to illuminate the founding role they played (and continue to play) in the ever-evolving North American cultural mosaic.

For the last year, Quartek has participated in the design services related to the placement of this significant monument at the DeCew House Park site and has been active as a volunteer to assist with the approval process needed to install foundations for the monument and later to facilitate the changes anticipated in the configuration of the site. We have provided site services, and hard/soft landscape planning including the intricate layout of Queenstown Limestone pavers that provide the walking surface from the parking lot to the Monument and for the ceremonial circle path that is located past the Peace Monument. The pattern creates a continuous datum reference for those visitors to the site who may have various levels of visual impairment requiring them to use a cane, so they can check their position relative to the direction of the path. The site, the stonework and the plantings all possess several levels of meaning and is intended to transcend both european and first nations cultures when experiencing the composition. There will be a public opening for the first phase of the monument held October 7th at noon. There will be many dignitaries there to recognize the creation of the work of Canadian art and take some pride in knowing that your Company, Quartek has been a valuable member of the team.

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