Quartek has a full-time staff of 35-40, which includes professional engineers and engineers-in-training, registered architects and OAAAS Licenced Technologists, registered interior designer, and professional urban planners.

Our design team is supported by technicians and technologists with extensive experience in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), computer modeling and project management. From a resource perspective, we are Niagara’s largest multi-disciplined Architectural & Engineering design firm.

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P. Eng.
Doug has been a principal of the firm since 1992. After leading the civil/municipal engineering group for 20+ years, he assumed the role of President in November 2015. Doug has 42 years experience in management, design, approvals and contract administration for private development and municipal infrastructure projects. He has prepared servicing studies, drainage reports, and sewer studies, and has experience in surveying and soils testing. He has considerable expertise in linear infrastructure, development engineering, stormwater management, irrigation, watermain network analysis, pumping station design, and multi-disciplined project management.

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OAA, B. Arch., MRAIC, Director of Corporate Development
Robert has been a principal of the firm since he joined in 1998, coming from a partnership with Stan Butcherd in Port Colborne. He contributes 29 years of practical experience in design, construction, contract administration, and business management in the architectural profession. He also brings to the team a broad background in art/technology composition, computer-aided design, and other related skills adaptive to successfully conveying ideas and spatial concepts to a broad range of clientele. His experience includes feasibility studies, space analysis, schematic planning, scheduling, graphics, signage, and interior & landscape design over a wide spectrum of building projects, particularly in office, commercial, industrial, hospital, government, institutional, and hospitality/tourism categories.


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OAA, M. Arch., B. Arch. Managing Architect, Associate

As a part of Quartek since 2003, Sam engages with a variety of clients and project types. His major assets include maintaining clear communication with the owner and collaborating with all disciplines from the early schematic design stage through to the completion of construction.  Sam’s is involved with a wide variety of architectural projects which include general commercial, financial institutions, recreational, educational, and civic building types.  In the role of Managing Architect, Sam is the lead professional in the architectural discipline and is responsible for business development, allocation of work, and the overall accountability for the performance of the architectural discipline group in terms of project delivery, efficiency, and quality of work.  Sam is continuously working with the architectural and engineering team with respect to team dynamics and mentoring of junior staff.


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ARCHITECTNicholas Yamich

OAA, B. Arch. Sc., M. Arch. Architect, Associate

Nick officially joined the Quartek team in 2010, as an intern architect. He oversees the entire design process and construction of a project, with experience in commercial, institutional, multi-storey residential, and medical renovation projects. He is involved in projects from the early planning/schematic phase through construction documentation and contract administration. Nick is also adept at three-dimensional modeling and detailing, allowing for considered designs that meet and exceed, the owner’s needs and expectations. Nick values open communication with the client and Quartek’s planning and engineering teams throughout the project, which ensures a seamless transition through the various approvals, procurement, and construction processes.

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ARCHITECTMatthew Trendota


Matthew’s 10+ years of experience in architecture is complemented by a strong foundation developed while working as a carpenter. As an Architect, Matthew has completed numerous successful and award-winning projects in the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta. His extensive experience includes multifamily residential, mixed-use, medical, commercial, hospitality, industrial, and institutional projects. Matthew’s role at Quartek is both as architect and project manager. Matthew works closely with the planning department during the conceptual site design phases and leads projects through the subsequent building design, technical drawings, and construction phases.

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Michael has 30+ years of project management, design development, construction documentation, field review, and drafting experience. Prior to joining Quartek in 2006, Michael worked with Baker and Elmes Architects, Flemming and Baker Architects, and Lou Macie Architects. His extensive experience includes many schools, colleges, universities, and other institutional projects, as well as numerous new and renovation commercial/retail, industrial and residential projects. In his role as Quartek’s Senior Architectural Technologist, Michael organizes technical documentation for comprehensive construction instruction to contractors.


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Syed joined the Quartek team in 2021 with over 20 years of experience as an architectural technologist.  His experience includes various project types such as transit, high rise, airports, casinos, hospitals, senior housing, religious buildings, recreational and single-family homes. Syed’s involvement in projects begins from the early schematic stage, where he develops floor plans and 3D rendering,  and continues into the detailed construction drawing packages. Syed is fluent in using Revit to create design and detailed drawings and In 2014, receives a Revit Certificate from AUTODESK.

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Dipl. T.

Arlon joined Quartek’s Architectural production team back in March of 2017. Arlon came from a background in residential renovations with over 10 years of experience and as a graduate from the Architectural Technology program at Mohawk College. Arlon has fused his hands on experience in the construction field with his education and early experience to allow him to attack challenges in a practical manner. Arlon continues to grow as a technologist with Quartek and is becoming a solid piece of its foundation.

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Chantel has 5 years experience in the interior design field, including space planning, finish specifications, technical drawings and millwork design. Her skills in 3D modeling are an asset to any project and aid in the client’s visualization of the space. Chantel’s knowledge of various finishes and her affinity for bringing together colour in a cohesive manner, allow her to carry great concepts through to the finishing stages of the design. Recent projects include Bethesda’s Niagara Family Centre and a boardroom and new offices for Bosch Rexroth. For commercial projects, Chantel has developed design guideline standards for retail spaces, as well as provided experiential design for hospitality venues.

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Paul Dempsey has headed up the Structural Engineering Department at Quartek since 2005. He has 33 years of experience as a structural engineer in the consulting industry. Since 1993 Paul has been responsible for project coordination, structural designs and construction review for numerous commercial, residential, institutional and industrial projects, primarily within the Niagara Region. Prior to this he spent 9 years with Acres International specializing in structural steel design for a number of powerhouses, industrial and commercial buildings. Paul has extensive experience in design of structural steel, masonry, timber, and reinforced concrete design, and in the use of computer systems for structural analysis and design. He has strong planning, organization, communication, human resources and project management skills which he employs to meet clients’ specific objectives, budgetary and scheduling requirements.

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Jan has 35 years of experience in design and drafting on a wide range of building and engineering projects, particularly in the structural engineering field in high-rise construction. Other experience includes mechanical (plant process piping, building services) and detailing of shop fabrication drawings. Her range of drafting experience helps facilitate the integration of structural, mechanical, and electrical requirements for a project which creates efficiencies and innovation in the design of the project. Jan’s work includes structural and building services detailing for commercial, industrial, residential, educational and healthcare applications.

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P. Eng.

Lynn brings over 10 years of experience in a wide variety of areas within the structural engineering field to the Quartek team. She is competent in structural engineering design using various materials including concrete, masonry, structural steel and timber and has applied her skills as a project team member to contribute to the completion of several building projects. Lynn has direct design experience in structural engineering design and construction review for numerous commercial, residential, institutional and industrial projects, primarily within the Niagara Region. Lynn’s experience also includes completion of building condition assessments and reserve fund studies for non-profit and condominium corporations.

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P. Eng.

Henry Li is a licensed professional engineer in Ontario with a 30-year solid track record in building design. He has extensive expertise in building structure engineering for both new and renovation projects. He is well versed in the design of concrete, steel, precast, and masonry structures (commercial, residential, institutional, industrial, sports and recreational, etc.). He has extensive experience in tall building and large-scale complexity geometry projects in seismic analysis and design. As a senior engineer, he has designed several iconic buildings more than 300m tall.

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C. Tech.

Jonny Langedyk has over 15 years experience in the construction industry with a carpentry background in historical restoration. Jonny has been with Quartek for 5 years and has experience in drafting design, estimation, surveying and construction review. He has carried out pre-design topographic surveys using GPS and total station equipment and has experience in preparing accurate CAD plans for numerous infrastructure improvement and land development projects. He is proficient in AutoDesk Civil 3D, terrain modeling and construction drawings. In his time with Quartek Group since 2017, Jonny has carried out topographic surveys and construction review on multiple projects.

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B. Eng. Dipl. M.E.T. Associate
John Prinzen is a graduate of the McMaster Engineering program and an EIT with Professional Engineers Ontario. In his 7 years with Quartek Group Inc., he has moved through various stages of design involvement to now manage and lead design on various projects including watermain, sanitary & storm sewers, storm water management, road work, subdivisions, site servicing & grading, irrigation, etc. He has carried out construction review for residential subdivisions, road reconstruction and linear infrastructure renewal. John is also knowledgeable in areas of mechanical and electrical engineering, facilitating his work on various once-off projects involving non-civil components.

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P. Eng. Associate
Adam is a graduate of McMaster University in electrical engineering and a member of Professional Engineers Ontario. His 11 years of experience at Quartek includes a wide variety of experience in both design and preparation of drawings and specifications. Projects have included power distribution and lighting for numerous educational facilities from primary through post-secondary institutions, numerous financial institutions, commercial/retail buildings, multiple residential buildings, medical clinics and more. Adam has been responsible for onsite data gathering of existing systems, design, and site reviews.


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B. Eng.

Craig Robinson is an Electrical EIT who graduated from Carleton University Engineering physics program. Mr. Robinson has had the opportunity to work on several projects as an EIT. His project experience includes preparing drawings using AutoCAD/REVIT and assisting in the electrical design of building systems including lighting, power distribution, audio/visual and security systems.

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P. Eng.
David Stacey leads the Mechanical Engineering Department at Quartek and he has over 25 years of experience in mechanical systems construction and engineering industry, most recently with an multi-national Engineering Consulting Services company. He is well versed in the design and implementation of Automated Building Control systems, HVAC equipment, Fire Protection and Plumbing systems. Mr. Stacey’s experience in building construction, energy management, pumping systems and HVAC equipment application provides a perspective of practical design for maintainability and sustainability in an efficient manner. Dave and the mechanical team have a proven track record with working in multi-disciplined teams to provide productive, innovative and cost conscious mechanical designs for our clients.

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Quinton Voskamp, a graduate of Queen’s University, has gained a wealth of experience while employed by Quartek as an E.I.T. and now a mechanical engineer. His expertise includes designing, estimating and reviewing systems such as HVAC, building automation, pumping and fire protection. Additionally, he is well-versed in constructing and commissioning for mineral processing plants.

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Wes Duns is a mechanical engineer in training. As an E.I.T., Mr. Duns has had the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects. He has acquired experience in mechanical building systems and services design and installation. His experience includes the design and implementation of energy management, HVAC equipment, fire protection, and plumbing systems.


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Susan has been with Quartek since 1999. She brought considerable experience in clerical work associated with the legal profession. Susan oversees invoicing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, group benefits and a number of other financial and administrative aspects of the firm.

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Stephanie joined Quartek in 2002 and has been involved in reception, clerical functions and accounting. She currently takes front line responsibility for invoicing and accounts receivable and carries out many day-to-day administrative tasks.


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Michelle joined Quartek in 2016, bringing years of experience dealing with the public in retail sales and management. She handles physical and telephone reception, numerous clerical tasks and a host of other items that keep our offices welcoming and presentable.


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IT MANAGERRitter Melbye

Ritter is our IT Manager, and has been with Quartek since 2003. He is responsible for ensuring all computer systems, networks and electronic-related equipment are in proper working order. In addition to his IT capabilities, a variety of disciplines utilize him for drafting based on significant CAD experience.

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Land Economist

Dr. Ian Ellingham has a wide-ranging background in matters dealing with land, buildings and development. He has managed the development of over twenty-five projects, ranging in size up to a major office building and several large housing complexes, and has undertaken numerous funded research projects in Canada and Europe. Ian has written extensively about architecture and real estate, including co-authoring four books and over a hundred articles and conference papers, and chairing two built environment journals. Principal research topics have included decision-making analysis and techniques, sustainability, development management and human response to the built environment. He mentors doctoral students in Land Economy at the University of Cambridge, is a member of university spin-off Cambridge Architectural Research, and frequently appears as a lecturer in popular, academic and industry venues.

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Norm is a former Principal of the firm and an accomplished architect with 30 years of experience, more than 15 of which have been at Quartek on a wide variety of residential, educational, hospitality, recreational and commercial projects. As Quartek’s Director of Architecture, Norm oversaw production and co-ordination of technical and contract documentation, and ensured coordination of allied engineering services. Norm now provides invaluable ongoing assistance and advice to our architectural team and clients.

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Nigel is a long-time senior architect with the firm, now retired. Nigel’s 30+ years of design experience included educational, institutional, commercial, theatre, and entertainment projects. Among others, projects with Quartek focused on numerous improvements for Brock University, many winery projects and various heritage restoration projects. Nigel now offers invaluable ongoing assistance and support to our architectural team and clients.

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Paul is a former Principal of the firm who led Quartek’s building engineering group. Paul is now a semi-retired senior electrical designer with extensive experience in design and layout of electrical systems for commercial, institutional, and industrial building projects, power supply, and interior and exterior lighting for a wide variety of applications. With 35+ years of practical application with Canadian building electrical systems and equipment design, Paul offers invaluable ongoing assistance and support to our electrical engineering team and clients.

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Creative people in a design collaborative.

Wayne Gretzky Winery and Distillery

Quartek Group Inc. is proud of the planning and civil engineering design work they completed for the Wayne Gretzky Winery and Distillery to be built in Niagara-on-the-Lake. We were honoured to attend the ground breaking ceremony for Andrew Peller Limited’s newest venture on October 23rd, 2015. Andrew Peller Limited in collaboration with Wayne Gretzky and … Continued

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