Quartek Group approaches each project with a holistic, integrated and professional design strategy. Concepts and designs are vetted by regularly scheduled design team meetings to enhance design quality and expedite problem solving. An ethos to provide quality service for our clients is of utmost importance.

Our approach requires input of design participants during the conceptual and formative phases of a project’s development. Timely participation of the owner, end-user and any stakeholder group in the design process is crucial to a successful and achievable final design culmination. This is where we find innovation; producing the optimal environment for you.


Civil engineering has been a primary service offering of Quartek Group and its predecessor companies since starting as a branch office of F. J. Reinders & Associates in 1976. Now it is one of an array of consulting design services that Quartek offers.  Our experienced civil engineering team takes pride in finding and implementing practical, efficient, cost-effective solutions. We promote accessibility and sustainability, and we strive to keep current with facility accessibility design standards (FADS), low impact design (LID) practices, active transportation, and related technologies.

We foster continuing relationships with area municipalities and agencies, and we work hard to assist our private development clients with the challenges of today’s extensive and sometimes challenging review and approval processes. We understand the value of time.

Quartek provides consulting engineering services for infrastructure projects to a variety of southern Ontario municipalities and agencies, as well as to numerous development, industrial, institutional and commercial clients.

Civil engineering service offerings include:

  • topographic surveys
  • environmental assessments
  • servicing studies
  • site and subdivision servicing
  • grading and drainage design
  • stormwater management studies, design and implementation
  • water network analysis, water pumping facilities and water distribution works
  • sanitary sewage pumping and collection works
  • traffic studies and transportation analysis
  • roadways including new roads, road reconstruction and urbanization
  • active transportation / recreational facility design
  • preparation of construction cost opinions
  • tendering and contract administration
  • construction site review


  • Foundations/Pre-eng Fdns
  • Structural Steel Design
  • Masonry/Reinforced Concrete Design
  • Timber Frame Design
  • Structural Evaluation/Restoration/Rehabilitation

Mechanical and Electrical

Quartek is committed to implementing projects through ‘green’ initiatives. We work with stakeholders to identify opportunities to efficient, sustainable design solutions aimed long-term operation.

Mechanical and electrical staff expertise include:

  • Building Energy Modelling:  Computer modeling of energy consumption
  • HVAC: humidification, dehumidification, ductwork, ventilation, exhaust, gas detection and monitoring, Heat pumps, Geothermal energy exchange, solar hot water.
  • Mechanical: Piping, chillers, cooling towers, boilers, pumping, plumbing, sanitary, storm, rainwater collection.
  • Metering: Electrical metering, gas metering, steam/water metering.
  • Power: Emergency generation (prime and stand-by) natural gas / oil fuels, solar power generation.
  • Fire Protection: Sprinkler systems, stand pipe systems.
  • Lighting: Internal and external lighting, site lighting, roadway lighting and lighting analysis software.
  • Power:   High voltage and low voltage systems, emergency generator systems and UPS systems.
  • Renewable: Solar generation and wind turbines.
  • Fire:  Fire alarm systems, conventional and addressable systems and life safety.
  • Communication: Tele/data, security, CATV and public address systems.

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