Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral In 9 Minutes Or Less

Q: What steps are you taking to ensure the future of our planet?

A: Encourage alternative, convenient options to travel to and from work.

Based on a study by Environment Canada, transportation contributes to 27% of Canada’s overall greenhouse gas emissions. By relocating offices, Quartek Group is quadrupling the number of people in walking distance to the new location and increasing the options for alternative modes of transportation.

This move will promote staff members to use alternative modes of transportation to reduce our carbon footprint. Not only is this limited to reducing our “footprint” but also promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. This may seem like a small step but contributes to the adage “Think Global, Act Local”

Stepping out of the normal realm of stereotypical carbon neutral transportation, my inaugural flight was by skateboard, a longboard composed of 100% laminated bamboo plies of wood. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource growing at 4 feet per week. Also featured on this skateboard are “biothane” wheels which are produced using part soybean oil components instead of petrochemicals such at polyurethane. This transformed a walk of 25min or more to a 9min “Push”. Lets face it, that’s less time than trying to find a parking spot downtown and zero cost.

Zero Carbon at Zero Cost, this is truley “active” living

Moving to a more densely populated area will hopefully influence the Quartek family to consider areas closer to the downtown core in order to help the environment and save costs & time for driving & parking. contributing to a more active lifestyle in the core of the Niagara Region.

To encourage a larger radius of people to use alternate means of transportation, we will be installing showers & lockers for staff use in the basement of the new office. Other carbon neutral or carbon limiting activities are being considered also, including: Walking, Bicycling, Rollerblading, E-bikes and of course public transportation.

Common Barriers noted by most of these types of transportation within the downtown is the lack of bicycle friendly routes into the downtown core. Many bike lanes stop short of the downtown core creating less than ideal conditions for those seeking alternate methods of transportation. With hopes of St. Catharines Downtown Revitalization, pedestrian & bicycle friendly routes would be a welcome addition.