Window Film On Queen Street

Filming On Queen St.

Window films are used in a variety of applications. Heat rejection films can be applied to windows to reject heat and reduce the amount of light entering the interior space.  In our case, privacy at street level was the primary need.  We chose a grid of white squares, four feet high. From outside it looks opaque in the day, and from the interior there is a degree of transparency that allows visibility of the activity on the street.  Facing North, we do not have the issues of direct sun and the need to reject heat.  With the amount of windows providing natural light, we have limited the light fixtures to perimeter corridor lighting and task lighting over work areas.  For additional lighting and privacy control we are keeping existing vertical blinds for reasons of sustainability as well as financial.

Also on a sustainable note: the old film on the windows are being reused by a number of local business including our friends over at Fourgrounds Media, an interactive video firm down the street.  We understand that they will be using it in their film production to filter light on location.