Year 2009Conservation Study and Remediation of Historic Power Generating Stations

Clients: Niagara Parks Commission
Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario
Scope of Work: Building Preservation Plan, Architectural, Structural Engineering
Area: 49,170 s.f (4,568 s.m)
Completion: 2009

Quartek Group Inc was the lead consultant in charge of reviewing the physical condition of both NPC assets, the Toronto Power Generating Station (TPGS) and the Rankin Power Generating Station. The study also looked at the Gate house building for TPGS.

The study was required by NPC primarily because the buildings were no longer generating power and heating systems were not in existence to control interior damage, exposure to humidity, etc. or to protect the stone and other finishes. There was a concern for the safety and value of the buildings at an interim stage prior to developing a permanent project for their use. The Team required substantial support from structural analysis and technical inspection of the interior steel frame and the roof system in order to isolate the cause of the deterioration of building structure or materials. The Rankin Station, though less in a state of disrepair, required strategic study on the possible replacement and/or re-roofing of the building due to progressive damage of the green tile roofs. The finished report provided a staged plan with priority tasks to undertake immediately in order to save the building(s) while other listed tasks and their costs, were recommended for execution within a 5-year window. The report included preliminary cost estimation and levels of compromise.

Innovative Heritage Note
The key factors impacting both buildings were humidity levels and the best solution for eliminating this moisture, was for sealing the wheel pit of the TPGS and for a tile replacement strategy coupled with stratification fan installation to improve air movement, and therefore drying, of the roof at the Rankin Station.