Walk The Walk

Walking “The Walk”: Quartek’s Carbon Footprint

In 2011, Quartek joined the Niagara Sustainabilty Initiative (NSI) as a Monitoring Partner to help us practice what we preach and start walking “the walk”. We started with the following modest projects:

Implementation of a plastics, metal, glass and paper recycling program in all staff offices to increase Quartek’s diversion rate (amount of waste going to landfill).
Installation of programmable thermostats in our offices.

As a member of the NSI, Quartek measures its carbon footprint and continually seeks to improve our impact on the environment. Our baseline carbon footprint for 2011 was 99.6 tCO2e, comprised largely of emissions from automotive travel. The Quartek relocation downtown addresses this issue directly and will reduce these emissions substantially.

  • Consolidating our three offices will eliminate 1370 km per month for internal Quartek meetings.
  • Choosing a central location for our new office will reduce our collective Quartek staff commute by 1315 km per month and quadruple the number of staff members who can walk to work.
  • Working downtown offers Quartek pedestrian proximity to restaurants and cafés that will offset approximately 200 km per month of lunchtime driving.