Year 2013Deer Park Villa Long Term Care Facility

Clients: The Regional Municipality of Niagara
Location: Grimsby, Ontario
Scope of Work: Architectural, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering
Area: 2 storeys, 56,941 sq.ft. (5,290 sq.metres)
Budget: $7.8 Million
Completion: 2013

Deer Park Villa Long Term Care Facility in Grimsby has been qualified to rebuild their facilities to meet the “A” standard for Long Term Care Homes.  The existing facility operates in conjunction with an attached Supportive Housing Facility.

The new improved facility will have 40 beds replacing the 39 existing long term care beds. Two new Resident Home Areas with support facilities will be built. The residents will be relocated to the new facility at which time the old will be demolished and renovations
in portions of the existing will take place.

Features of this facility will include a Great Room off the front entrance with wood panel ceiling, Chapel, meeting rooms, display cases at the entry to each home area, spacious hallways, brightly lit dining areas, gathering lounges at the end of hallways and memory boxes at each room entry. Beautifully landscaped courtyards and brick cladding on the columns at the entrance will enhance the outward appearance of the facility.