Year 2014Two separate projects to obtain approvals for greenhouse expansions in two municipalities.

Clients: Freeman Herbs
Location: Lincoln and Grimsby, ON
Scope of Work: Planning, Civil Engineering
Completion: 2014

Quartek Group provided planning, civil engineering, and environmental planning services to Freeman Herbs for two separate projects to obtain approvals for greenhouse expansions in two municipalities. Freeman Herbs is the largest fresh herb producer in Canada and in the top five in North America.

The Grimsby location was impacted by constraints resulting from MTO setbacks, a rail corridor, the lot configuration, and the desire to relocate an existing storm channel around the greenhouse. Quartek worked with the municipal, provincial, and regional agencies to design solutions that satisfied all parties.

The expansion of the Lincoln operation involved the establishment of floodline mapping of an unnamed watercourse, satisfactorily undertaking an Environmental Impact Study that evaluated the impacts and provided appropriate mitigation measures and addressing private sanitary sewage requirements for the expanded operation.