Year 2008Ridley College Athletic Complex

Clients: Ridley College
Location: St. Catharines, ON
Scope of Work: Planning, Architectural, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering
Budget: $40.0 Million
Completion: 2008

Quartek Group Inc. was asked to re-evaluate a master plan for Ridley College in order to help give form to a fund-raising plan.  Our Architects developed a vision for the overall Athletic Complex.  It was necessary to incorporate as much of the long-range goals as possible while proposing a realistic capital budget for the project in terms of 2007 dollars.  This task was crucial in order to put forward a plan that the Board and Advancement Department could package and take to major doners and broader alumni for pledges.

Quartek undertook a design and computer-modeling/animation task in concert with Niagara College’s Visual Technologies Department to create a tangible concept that could be viewed in a video format to show donors and the student/faculty a vision for their future new sport facility and how it might look in context with the existing Campus.

Phase-1 development at Ridley is currently underway and is valued at $10 million in construction cost.  The project has met the challenge of green design by being developed using the criteria of the Green Building Council of Canada’s LEED standards at a silver level of participation.  The Quartek Team, including our mechanical and electrical engineers, architects and landscape architects, have work together to make this first phase an exceptional building.