Year 2019

Clients: Fallsview Group
Location: Niagara Falls, ON
Scope of Work: Mechanical, Electrical Engineering
Area: 1,755 s.m (18,900 s.f)
Budget: $3 Million
Completion: 2019

TGI Fridays is a new restaurant within an existing promenade. The restaurant included three commercial kitchens, food prep area, new washroom groups, expanded washroom groups, grease interceptor and containment systems, two dedicated Energy Management systems for 7000 cfm and 3500cfm Kitchen Exhaust systems, welded grease ducts and make-up Air systems, new 60 ton VRF HVAC system for dining areas and bars, smoke evacuation system for fire fighting. One level above included occupied space, and surface outdoor car parking.

Adjoining properties restricted locations of new mechanical and electrical central equipment, and as a result, an expanded shipping and receiving area was created two levels above equipment serving the restaurant. The new facility has the capability to accommodate large and small functions as well as day and night functions.