Year 2013Official Plan & Zoning Bylaw

Clients: Town of Fort Frances
Location: Fort Frances, Ontario
Scope of Work: Planning
Completion: 2013

The Town of Fort Frances is a small community of approximately 8500 residents located in Northwestern Ontario. The municipality occupies approximately 25 km² and acts as a catchment area for the surrounding communities within the Rainy River District. Fort Frances is the oldest non-aboriginal settlement in Canada, west of Lake Superior. A permanent Hudson’s Bay Company Post was established there in 1818.

The project involved developing a new Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw for the Town of Fort Frances. The revised Official Plan is intended to provide opportunity for economic development and growth. The Official Plan was written to address local issues with respect to future growth and development opportunities in the Town and provide clear and concise policies for sustainable growth. The Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw documents are visionary, flexible, provide guidance, and encourage new development. The zones and land uses were streamlined to make the documents easier to interpret and implement. Quartek Group also provided clean and concise mapping that integrates with the Town GIS system.