Year 2014Infi ll Development, Infrastructure Design, Consent & Minor Variance, Applications, Site Plan Approval

Location: St. Catharines, ON
Scope of Work: Planning, Civil Engineering
Completion: 2014

Quartek Group provided planning and engineering services for the creation of 3 flag lots at the rear of an existing oversized lot in the urban area of St. Catharines. Consistent with Places to Grow this project represented infill development and intensifi cation of lands already fully serviced. Due to site constraints, common with infill development, a site servicing brief was required as part of the consent and minor variance applications.

Consent approval required the owner to install/service the lots. The infill development depended on narrow lot frontages and shared right-of-way agreements on the driveway to allow access for the three lots, and other servicing constraints. Quartek Group worked with the client to develop creative solutions for this unique property that was constrained by the existing built form, the location of existing services and a desire to fit into the existing urban fabric.

Quartek Group provided planning and civil engineering services.