Year 2002-2018

Clients: Town of Grimsby
Location: Grimsby
Scope of Work: Civil Engineering
Budget: $250,000-$3,650,000
Completion: 2002-2018

As part of the Town of Grimsby’s ongoing program to replace aged cast iron watermains with new PVC DR-18 pipe, Quartek has been involved in three separate projects between 2002 and 2018. These projects included various streets throughout the urban area of Grimsby for a total length of approximately 7.3km of watermain with replacement of services, hydrants, valves and other appurtenances. The projects included the full range of services from topographic survey to preliminary and detailed design, tendering services, contract administration and on-site construction review. Some sections required coordination with other jurisdictions such as Niagara Region and the MTO for approvals, connections to trunk watermains, reinstatement requirements, etc. The last project completed in 2018 was a compilation of two year’s worth of the regular replacement program, completed in advance due to special funding made available by other levels of government. These replacements were scheduled for 2019 and 2021 but the schedule was advanced in order to take advantage of the special funding.